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[Huida] Lemon freeze-dried slices

[Huida] Lemon freeze-dried slices

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What it is: Using automatic fruit selection, slicing equipment, and vacuum freeze-drying technology (FD vacuum freeze-drying), the lemon slices are freeze dried at -40°C to lock in nutrients while maintaining their shape and color. This product is packaged with 20g and 40g food-grade aluminum-plated material with a simple yet elegant design. It boasts excellent rehydration and doesn’t contain any additives. A great choice for use in tea or as a seasoning!

Why it's unique: 

  • Freeze dried lemon slices are produced at a low temperature to preserve the full potency of their proteins, vitamins, and nutrients with no additives. After soaking in water, these slices taste just like fresh lemons. They’re packaged separately in packaging made with aluminum for convenience and to maximize freshness. A slice of lemon a day replenishes vitamins, iron, calcium, and other essential elements in the body, and allows you to enjoy fresh fruit at any time!
  • Suitable for the office, home, and other occasions, you don’t need to worry about the fruit spoiling, cleaning up the juice after slicing, or storing leftover fresh fruit that might still go bad. With a natural and pure taste, these lemon slices are a good and healthy choice at home, in the office, or entertaining friends and guests.

 Product Specification:

MOQ 20 

USD 2.08 / 20g

USD 3.95 / 40g
Net Weight
Gross Weight 20g
Packaging Type Box
Main Ingredients Lemon
Chinese Name
Shelf Life 12months
Storage Type Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Product Origin Chongqing, China